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You know how blogging website make blogging seem like the easiest thing in the world? With a click of a button, you have a user name, a site, a template (if you’re too lazy to customize one, it’s ready for you?)

What they don’t tell you (and what you crash into after clicking all those buttons), is that you have to name your blog. And name means EVERYTHING.

I was excited at the prospect of starting a new personal blog, that I didn’t think about this part (funny, since I had previous blogs before this!). So on a particularly boring day at work, I sat down behind a counter and tried to come up with names. And oh what a list it was…

As a sort of inauguration to my (ahem, ahem), virtual comeback, I’d like to share this list.

Note: Laugh and I’ll…I’ll…oh, whatever.

As shown in my notebook: 

Dazzling’s Bite-sized Randomites

Dazzling’s Mad House (I was going through a phase, I think…)

Dazzling’s Nut House (As if this is any better than the previous one…)

Dazzling’s Randoms (What’s with me and the word “random”, anyway?)

Dazzling’s Scribbles (One of my best ones, I think.)

Dazzling’s Scribes (Um…) 

Lazy Dazzling’s Dailies (The closest thing to my character. Except that I’d be too lazy to make it a “daily” thing). 

Dazzling’s Collectibles (Collecting…what?)

So yeah…it was quite a journey for just the beginning! 

2 thoughts on “Name-A-Blog!

  1. Yay on a new blog! And YES I completely agree…the name thing is the worst. And even MORE so when you think you’ve come up with the perfect name and someone already has it! Major fail! Love the list and love what you settled for. So excited to read more. :D. Can it be? We’re going to be blogging buddies again after so long? *excitement*.

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