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Ireland: Dublin

I am painfully aware that I’ve failed to update this blog frequently. There could be lots of reasons; laziness, lack of actually topic posts, time. There will continue to be reasons too. But for this one, for the summer vacation, I thought I’d give a little more effort. Traveling is probably the only adventure I get to experience in my life, so why pass up the chance to write about it?

(I was supposed to put up a post about a previous trip I took, but it got…well, buried). 
Anyway, for this summer, the family planned a trip to Ireland and Scotland, the two countries that are rife with history, and the magic of myths and folklore. I heard amazing things about Ireland, with it’s kind people and the divine scenery. Let me tell you, it is the best place to go as a tourist, and this will be explained in my later posts. 
First Phase: Dublin, Ireland
It goes without saying that arriving to a country so early in the morning, sleepy and tired as heck, and then discovering that your room is not even ready; it’s the equivalent of a tooth being pulled out. So we “walked around” Grafton Street, and I admit, that was probably the time I fell in love with the place. Grafton Street is Ireland’s shopping centre, and where the fun things happen. The fun things being the impromptu magic shows and music performances. I was lucky to spot this band singing, and they were AMAZING. 

So yeah, when you see these kinds of things on the first day, it kind of makes up for the sleep depravation. The next few days was the actual touring, with the generic Hop On-Hop Off bus. Except the Irish took it a step forward with Live Commentary from the driver. And it was HILARIOUS! Seriously, these people have a wicked sense of humor, and it’s fun just listening to them talk and joke as they drive through Dublin. 
While Grafton Street was one of those places that you can’t help but go to (because, really, it’s the ONE place I could navigate), another street I loved was Temple Bar. This place is so ALIVE. People just rushing through in waves, and it’s not that uncomfortable. The energy is amazing. This is where the good restaurants (and bars) would be located. Even the little fast foodie types were GOOD. 
Temple Bar
Trinity College: 
Library Square, Trinity College
This place was recommended to us by Mom’s Irish friend. I wasn’t sure what exactly could be found on a College, but when there, I discovered that it was where the Book of Kells was kept; a manuscript that contains the four Gospels of the New Testament. It’s also the the school where Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, and Bram Stoker went to school (*insert bookworm-fangirling here*). Now, we didn’t get to see the Book of Kells, unfortunately, as there was a HUGE queue, and it was raining. But the tour itself was really interesting, as it was given by one of the undergrads who told us some of the stories that happened at Trinity College (and he was a great speaker too). 

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  1. That sounds like so much fun!! The bus thing i’ve actually read about in a Cecelia Ahern book and it’s a relief to know it didn’t just exist in her world (much like the horror of realizing platform 9 3/4 is not real) post more please!!

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