Dublin · Riverdance · Summer 2012

Dublin: Riverdance

After 5 very uncomfortable, very terrifying nights at Edinburgh, we finally went back to sweet, safe, not-as-haunted Dublin.

We stayed at a different place this time round: a hotel boutique– three houses in the property remodeled as a home stay. Breakfast would be the “main house”, where the owner personally cooks the meal. As beautiful the place was, I had my own grievances with it (which I will share later).

That same day, we planned to watch Riverdance- a popular Irish dance performance.

When going to these places, one can’t help but be captivated by the theatre. I wasn’t sure if this one was built recently or not, but the interior created the perfect atmosphere. It’s beautiful- not only the stage, but the side balconies as well. I felt like I was transported to those Austen, Heyer or Quinn books, a character at the opera or play.

The only thing that spoiled the effect was that popcorn and snacks were sold as if it were the cinema.

But once the performance began…

The beginning of anything is always a favorite of mine. Because it’s sets the mood. It sets the magic that carries the audience through to the end. All you need is a spark, and *poof* you’re transported.

Watching Riverdance was just that. It was breathtakingly amazing. The energy from both the dancers (and those magic feet!), musicians and that enchanting celtic music, and the audience was electric, exciting, addictive.

A glimpse of how Riverdance started (later this performance expands with additional acts). Enjoy!

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