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Dublin: The Little Distractions

Before we get to the really serious bit of Irish history, I want to take a moment and share some of the little joys we’ve experienced in the city– which are at the top of my list. Desserts and books.

Queen of Tarts: 

Before Dublin Castle, we walked by this small, crowded, homey place, called Queen of Tarts. First of all, the name was AWESOME. Second, it was TARTS.

And it was FULL of people and this warm smell of backed goods.

I’ve never had a proper tart before– the big slice with pecans or pears or walnuts trapped in warm layers of chocolate, and the the yummy crust. And next to it was the yummiest fresh cream I’ve ever tasted.

Behold…this is perfection.

It’s definitely one of those places that guarantee a revisit someday. 
Next thing that is dear to my heart is…
The book shopping experience: 
Despite the verbal first impression I had of him, it was clear that our gentle host is an intellect at heart. When he was serving on of his delicious specialities on the 3rd morning, I asked him about what his recommendations were for Irish mythology. 
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person so pleased with the question. He gestured for his sister-in-law (who also helps in the mornings), and both sat down with me and listed a TON of folklore stories, and the bookstore that would help me. 
Later that afternoon, I passed by their recommended bookstore. All I had to do was go up to one of the clerics, and hand the paper. The lady took me ALL OVER the store, pulling out piles and piles of books. It was astounding at how the people who worked at the store were passionate about the books they sell- and that they knew every shelf by heart. 
It was the ultimate bookish experience. 
What I eventually ended up with

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