Why I Learned Korean

I’ve actually written a long, sappy story about how and why it happened, but then I realized– I don’t need to share the nitty-gritty details. But here’s why people thought I did learn in.

I’m into Japanese cartoons. 

Yes. It’s also called anime. But that’s Japanese, not Korean.

Still, people weren’t that off the mark.

Why did I take? 

Because Japanese class wasn’t offered.

At the time, I didn’t exactly have much to stimulate my mind while I looked for work. Taking lessons (any lessons) was one way I could shut nosy ones up.

What happened after? 

Well, I met new friends. New, insane, awesome friends, and I honestly can’t imagine my life without them.

And after? 

Amid my dedication to learning the language, I was invited to be one of the 20 K-pop crazy founders to the now established Emirati Korean Friendship Society. (Had to bow out later because…)


Well…I got a job.

The gist? 

Learning this language opened up so many things for me. It turned a new page. I made new friends. Had a hilarious time learning, sharing cultural tidbits, and being silly. I learned something new, and I’m still proud of the minimal knowledge I gained.

I also got to travel to the beautiful country (without parents!), and loved every minute of it.

I’d like to think that, if I didn’t take that chance, tick that box and register, it wouldn’t have led to the awesome people, and later, to the start of a career.

To me, it’s a blessing of a language.

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