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Writing Prompt #2.1

First three memories…

Truth? I’ve never had first memories. Whenever I look back, a burst of them come to mind, but I don’t know if they’re in chronological order, and always, always, it’s one with my brothers. For the sake of this exercise though, I’ll share the three.

Memory 1: The Key

Maybe it was the fascination of seeing my parents turning it so easily. Any child would think, “Well, heck, I can do it do!”

So I did. I went into our room, and turned the key. What I did for the rest of the time, I don’t remember. Did I play with my mother’s lipsticks (according to her, I never did such a thing– what sort of baby girl was I?)

Whatever it was, I was interrupted by noises at the door. Someone turning the latch, expecting the door to swing open easily, just as it always did, except this time it isn’t. It took a few more rough slams and knocks before I understood that I wasn’t supposed to be where I was. Hoping to remedy this, I confidently walked over to the door to turn the key and open the door. But no matter how many times, it just wouldn’t open.

On the other side, a sizable group of hysterical adults gathered.

After a few hours, or maybe 5 minutes (it’s a mystery how bawling can throw time off), and hollering explanations, I managed to slide the key under the door.

The consequences that followed had me wishing I’d ignored that.

One thought on “Writing Prompt #2.1

  1. Aww!
    One of the worst moments in my life was when my little sister locked herself in, but then didn’t know how to open it. I was young too and literally thought she’d stay there forever. We ended up calling the police and having them smash down the door, which was also really frightening because we had to make sure my sister understood she had to stand back!

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