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Weekend Wellness Retreat

This weekend, Mom, her friend, and I joined a Wellness Retreat– first of its kind in Abu Dhabi, specifically for ladies, run by the awesome fitness instructor (and for me, the ultimate Zumba instructor), Raquel Rodrigues.

Normally, I’m not a complete health freak. But since starting Zumba last year, I’ve noticed how it adds a little something to my daily/weekly routine. It made me try other things, like Pilates (which I absolutely adore).

The beautiful view

As for eating– I am a free eater. Not too heavy (that phase has come and gone), but I generally balance between sensible food and absolute junk.

So the Wellness Retreat was a chance to not only get away from it all, but get in some much needed exercise, try healthy options, and of course, check out the spa at the hotel.

The Fitness bits: 

We had four fitness classes spread out between 2 days. At first glance, it doesn’t seem much, but the intensity of these classes are SO challenging and fulfilling, which is the typical style for our instructor in this retreat, Raquel.

The awesome thing about trying 4 completely different classes is to find out what fitness exercise best fits you, and to also try the combinations of cardio and toning, which is half of the formula of losing weight and shaping the body.

While we had breaks between each class, by the second class, we still felt the ache. Despite that, I can describe is a good ache, because I can feel it.

The Foody bits: 

Okay, confession time. More than exercise, what we did most is eat. I kid you not. I ate more than I’ve ever eaten in my whole life, and there is a reason behind that.

See that orange-ish dip?

Throughout planning this retreat, Raquel made sure that the foods served were not only home-made and easy to make, but that ALL of it had a nutritional value. This is the other half of the fitness formula.

All of it was made from combinations of vegetables, nuts and other natural wonders blended together to create the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted.

This is what made the retreat really beneficial for me, because even though I’m a picky eater, I consider myself a foodie. I can’t accepts diets, because I enjoy eating. Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t only working out and staying away from all bad stuff, and stick to only the healthy (and sometimes boring) foods.

It’s about balancing all that, with raw foods, and knowing what your body needs the most. And most of the time, it needs to get rid of the accumulated junk and replace it with good ol’ natural, uncooked foods, which, after this weekend, I think I’m open to.

All the meals felt light (hence the constant eating), and it filled me up, but I still didn’t mind eating more of it.

Tabouleh with quinoa.

 The Final bits: 

Even though I had wake up SO early on a weekend, and currently experiencing physical aches (muscles), the affect of this weekend was enlightening. I still feel light, and I’m craving the healthy foods I tried. I also learned a lot about what the body needs, and how to treat it when it comes to food and fitness.

I am definitely going back to these retreats. 

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