Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt 3 – Regret

I picked this out of the Untitled Chapters prompt pouch, then I lost it (the prompt, not the pouch), but the actual challenge was on my mind, and I decided to write it down.

Regret. We come across this word many times. People tell you it’s no use to wallow in that feeling. Others tell you how it really feels to wallow. To me, I thought I understood what regret was. Simply, it was something you wished you could adjust if you had a time machine. Awkward situations, unwanted reactions, some choice you wish you could take back and make another, most likely what you think is the right one.
This past year though, regret took a new meaning for me. It’s not just wanting to go back and fix it. It’s realising that, once something happens, you live past it knowing with bitter certainty that it isĀ irreparable.

I regret that it is unfixable.

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