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What I’m Watching #1

Since most of the shows are on break, I took it as a chance to catch up and pick up a couple of shows – or anime.


Once Upon a Time: 
once-upon-a-timeI managed to finish this, with a sinking heart. I’ve never hidden my love for this series– I LOVE it, even now, when it blundered a couple of story lines (Ruby’s past, anyone?). But there’s something about how messy these stories are becoming that makes it so addictive.



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

FMA brotherhoodARGH! I’m going through withdrawal over this anime. I’ve watched the first, and loved it. So when I heard that there’s a reboot to the series, I scoffed. What I didn’t expect is that it’s a MILLION TIMES better than the first, and so true, and so, so awesome in every aspect– story, characters, plot. Epicness all around, this one!


Fringe_Keyart1_1920x1080The parting with this series is bittersweet. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Fringe, and it’s twisted story lines and arcs. The final one didn’t quite have that edginess I’m used to, but it tied up the series nicely for the most part (let’s not kid ourselves, the show left some pretty huge plot holes accumulated from past seasons).

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