Guess What’s New

This post is way over due, but it had to happen.

If you didn’t notice yet, there are some changes that happened on this blog a few months ago. Let’s list ’em:

1) New blog name! Even though it’s only a change of a word, this blog is now called My Word Cafe. Reason for that is…

2) No more pseudonym! Even though I’ve been using it for years now, it got kind of tiring to refer to myself as Dazzling Mage, when a lot of my cyber acquaintances already know my name, I’ll just go by that now.

3) Perhaps the biggest change– the domain. I’ve switched to WordPress, and with that got a domain for the blog. Which, let me tell you, is a little stressful! I wanted to test how easy it was before I moved A Reading Kabocha. Obviously, that affected the design a little bit, but I like it, I think!

Just like it has always been, I’ll be dumping a lot of thoughts and writing exercises on here, and maybe, just maybe, bring back that old blogging spirit.

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