A German Summer #1

For my vacation this year, while it was unexpected, was pretty nice. Not of the awesome historical level I adored with Irish. But…it was alright. Most of the happiness is because I got to spend time with family, and the weather was just amazing.

Europa Park

Interesting thing about this theme park is that it’s the Disneyland version in Germany, with a confusing array of mascots, in my opinion. Also, it’s situated literally in the middle of no where town, close to the borders of Switzerland and France.

The park itself was pretty nice, diverse, with thrilling games, and nice shows. Mornings were particularly entertaining. Why, you ask?

Picture this.

You grab a glass of juice and a plate of eggs and hash browns, and as you walk from the buffet counter to your own table, you pray a child doesn’t round any corner and crash into you. As you make your way, you notice the food carnage around you, of spilled juices, milk and toast crusts.

You also notice some insane moments, like children barking at fish tanks, the eager juggling sailor entertaining the kids, his fingers twisting balloons into animals as fast as possible, to keep up with his young spectators.

Three days of this sort of morning, and I swear, it was amusing each time. As it turned out though, 3 days was too many to spend at a theme park, and the family decided to branch out a little.

Road trip!


I have to admit, we didn’t spend as much time as I wanted in this city. What was impressive about it was the Cathedral in the middle of the city’s square, and the little coffee a

You wake up in the morning to little patters of children running all over the hotel, and the occasional hyperactive squeals. You go to the restaurant, which is impressively decorated like a ship, with wooden railings, and sails, and a few tables in the form of wrecked ships. And kids. Running. Everywhere.

nd ice cream shops that were just delicious! It seemed like a cozy and friendly place. Definitely going back there if I go back to Germany.


This city is actually in Switzerland, and was a bit of a disappointment. It was too industrial, too dry and it didn’t have the vital life of an upbeat or cultured city that I’d enjoy. Their Zoo was impressive though, and there were interesting modern architectural buildings,┬ábut that was it.



Another city I wished we spent more time in. Yes, it’s very business centric, but it’s the sort of city that I know has a lot to offer, even though it didn’t seem like it. The we only had one day that we spent at the Natural Museum (the other was a trip to another city). Natural museums have lost their touch on me, probably because it’s always the first thing we go to at every city (at the insistence of one natural geeky sibling). But it was a nice trip this time because I got to see Reem interested in science. There’s something indescribable and amazing at seeing children’s eyes light up when they see Earth models, or dinosaur skeleton/fossils, or stuffed animals of every species. Their curiosity is refreshing, and seeing that in Reem was heartwarming.

On the final day before leaving Frankfurt, we wanted to at least make an effort of touring the town, but instead, our nice concierge recommended we go to a weekend festival by the river Maine. And so we went.


And it was the most fun things I’ve experienced on this trip. The atmosphere was pulsing with energy– of music and food and just the casualness of strolling through. I have to stress that the music was especially amazing, and the dance competitions were fun to watch. It was this place where it was theirs, but that we were a part of it was only natural.

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