In which my words are in fine print

 Untitled Chapters

So, last weekend, I was lucky to attend the Untitled Chapters 2nd Anniversary event.

Untitled Chapters is a writing group for Emirati ladies, and what we do is basically support each other in improving our craft. What’s become a customary thing for the anniversary event is releasing a volume of the writing collected over the year.

Last year was no different, except that I hastily sent an old poem I had, instead of writing something new, so I didn’t feel like it counted for me. This year though, I managed to submit two stories.

Seeing it in fine print, and having people thumb through the pages, passing through pages with my name and story title on it– the experience was surreal. And it’s that kind of experience– that support, and encouragement, and unified understanding– that rekindles my love of the written universe.

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