Why Nikita was a great show

My TV buddies might find this surprising, seeing as I’ve hmm-ed and haw-ed at how the show developed– because let’s face it, despite the awesome first season, the rest of the seasons were mediocre at best. Exciting fight scenes, but mediocre plot points.


But now that the show aired its last 6 episodes, I’m convinced that it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. Not to say that it blew my mind (okay, there was one thing that did), but for me, the show ended RIGHT.

Here’s why I think that (warning: contains a few spoilers, but not too detailed):

Short Season

As a writer, I believe that every word counts in a story. I apply that same principle in TV shows– every episode counts. If stretched too long, the show would go down a rabbit hole of plot lines no viewer wants to see, or even worse, not take the show seriously at all (confession: Supernatural, as much as I love it, is on the border for being that show for me).

With Nikita, it did skirt on the edges of that border too, but always managed to pull back through. And what helped it even more is when producers decided that season four would be the end of the series. Not canceled, but an honest to goodness ending for all beloved (and loathed) characters involved.

The Power Couple

Let’s face it, Nikita and Michael made an awesome power couple. They were so good together, even when they were on opposing sides. They went through so much together, and pulled through. No jealousy (much), no drama (much), but definitely a slew of relationship issues to get through. I am a romantic sap, and whenever these two are on a screen sharing their pain and love, I get the feels.

The Spies Conspiracy

I have to admit, it got convoluted sometimes, but I loved that the show was about spies, and spies that were able to kick ass. Nikita herself made me feel like I own the world whenever she punched or kicked some random enemy. That feminine rage through-the-screen adrenaline was awesome.The stories too, while referencing to a lot of shady countries, played on a ton of conspiracy theories about the US government (which are pure fiction…right?).

The Psycho Villains

Possibly the one thing that blew me away in this show– the crazy characters. They are just so insane, you’d think the heroes have no chance of winning. Surprisingly, they have depth that makes you wonder if all humans can be easily enticed to the dark side. Seriously, if you watch this show for anything, watch it for its crazy villains.


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