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What I’m Watching #3 – Goodbye Shows

I’m pretty late in updating this meme, and I’ve lost count on how many shows I want to lend my opinion to and have my readers either watch them or leave them.

But, as always, persistence is key.

Now that all the fall/spring shows have wrapped up, and the dust has settled, I can’t help but feel sad over the shows that didn’t make it.

Actually, scratch that, I’m kind of furious too. Some of them were REALLY GOOD, and had POTENTIAL. But were canceled in favor of crappy crowd pleasers (anyone else think Beauty and the Beast is such a waste of air space?).

So here’s a requiem of some of those awesome shows that won’t see the light of day:



The Crazy Ones

This show had the trump card– Robin Williams. And the whole show revolved around his eccentric ways. It was funny. It was whacky, and yes, it was crazy. And even though I’m not in marketing, I did relate with some of the crazy antics on the show. I thought it was doing pretty well actually– until it was suddenly axed. WHO AXES A SHOW WITH ROBIN WILLIAMS?!




We Are Men


We Are Men

Another show with an amazing set of cast, and such powerful (albeit tempering with sexist) humor. Four bachelors, all enjoying their singledoms, but still looking for love. Or what passes for love anyway. It was SO GOOD. And we only got to enjoy three episodes of it until- you guessed it – axed.






I have to be honest, I haven’t watch the new season of Suburgatory, but I wasn’t feeling it last season either. There were things I liked, and things I didn’t like, and I actually thought this season would redeem and save itself. I guess not. I will still watch it for the sake of closure. It was still an almost-good show.




And a round of applause for the show that came back from the dead– Community. Again, gone convoluted over the seasons, but it would still be a crime to cancel such a richly insane show!


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