The Good Ol’ Shounen Days

The Good Ol Shounen Days


Recently, what with work and other stuff happening in life, there are some things that, while I LOVE doing, I can’t seem to find the time for.

For example, watching anime. I do watch it from time to time, and mostly to catch up on the REALLY good ones. But there are a few that I’ve left behind because of the story direction. The few, back in my teen years, were THE anime shows to watch. The long series shounen shows that we grew up with, that blew your mind after each battle episode. And sadly, the same ones that dwindled half way through as it kept going.

The “few” being only two – of course, Naruto and Bleach.

Even though I dropped off the bandwagon, I do check on it from time to time.

Would that I hadn’t recently.

Naruto had finally came to an end, a day I never thought would come, but for the past few months that I’ve checked in, I was practically begging silently for it to do so. The show started off with an amazing set of characters, sets of issues, and an awesome shinobi story. The dwindling part came with the addition of so many characters, and not much of a storytelling direction, and mass battle chapters that made no sense at all. The ending, while I won’t say much about it, was a nice, polite, all around wrap up, but with the bitter tarnish of what could have been an epic legacy.

Bleach? Oh my goodness, Bleach. I remember when I first started watching it, when it was well and truly new, when I had to wait for an episode every week. I defended it vehemently to my brothers, who didn’t see the potential of it at first, but then everyone caught on, and it was awesome. Until there were issues with the quality of the animation in between arcs, and the fillers that completely screwed everything up. I couldn’t even get myself to watch the next supposedly biggest arc in the overall story.

Even though I dropped off, I still check in on it, and my brothers tell me the fluctuations of it’s direction (sometimes good, sometimes bad). My recent check on it made me groan. It was the same thing with Naruto— all fight, not much of a glimpse of the old characters that we know and love, and a whole new army of characters that I don’t care about in the least.

While there is still one show that hasn’t let me down so far (*cough*One Piece*cough*), I can’t help but feel I should mourn a huge part of my childhood.

So, to the stories that expanded my imagination as a child, excited me for what’s to come, and made me an emotional wreck in the right moments. Despite the tragic direction of stories, those good moments will remain loved.

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